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plantingThe best way to make sure your new trees get the proper start is by placing them in the knowing hands of trained professionals right from the start. Geode's professional foresters help give your new trees the right start by tailoring the plantings to your objectives and existing conditions. Our foresters pay close attention to such critical details as site preparation, soil type, the presence of ground cover that might be detrimental to the growth of your trees, and future maintenance requirements.

In some instances, Direct Seeding might present a better option for you than tree planting. Direct Seeding simply means that we'll be starting your new forest from seeds like acorns and walnuts rather than from seedlings. Geode Forestry has developed the latest technology in Direct Seeding. We can offer landowners reforestation methods that are as close to nature's methods as possible while still controlling costs to keep the process affordable.


forestmanagementBased on conditions that are unique to your land and your forest - and balancing those with your own economic, aesthetic and environmental goals - a Geode forester can create a fully integrated plan that's custom tailored to your timber. We'll take into account such critical factors as soil type and soil erosion, the current timber market, the potential effects on wildlife, and the rate of return on your investment. We'll weigh all those factors before recommending what types of trees to plant, thin or harvest. Then we'll provide you with an easy to understand management plan for your timber that will include an analysis of your current timber conditions, detailed recommendations, maps, and estimated costs of proposed projects within the umbrella plan. To help keep you on track with your objectives we'll also keep you updated on required maintenance and scheduled projects. Geode's professional foresters will help ensure the health, productivity and profitability of your forest now and in decades to come.


timberstandA forest plan will only be as successful as the techniques used to implement it. Proper Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) is one of the most critical elements in the implementation of your forest plan because it ensures that the trees with the greatest potential to meet your goals will thrive. Geode foresters utilize two time-proven methods of TSI:

Crop Tree Release (CTR) focuses on nurturing the best trees in the forest. They're thinned and carefully pruned in an attempt to create large, healthy, veneer quality trees.
Weed Tree Removal (WTR) concentrates on culling undesirable weed trees, diseased and low quality trees to create a better growing environment and promote the growth of the more promising trees.

Investing in professionally directed TSI will benefit a landowner by increasing long term profits, enhancing wildlife habitat, and keeping your forest healthier and more productive.


appraisalsAs a landowner, you have several options for marketing your timber. Your best option is to contract with the professional foresters at Geode Forestry to oversee both the sale and harvest. At Geode Forestry, we have an excellent reputation with both timber buyers and timber sellers. Because we seek long term relationships rather than short term gains, we approach every potential timber harvest as a project with both immediate and long term benefits for the landowner. We are committed to helping you secure the best price for your timber through a competitive bidding process while protecting the integrity of your forest well into the future. Here's what we'll do:

Before any trees are marked for harvest, we'll meet with you to discuss both your current and future objectives. That helps us determine how heavily to harvest and which trees to target for sale.
Next, we provide a free, no obligation assessment of your timber to help us recommend if a harvest is, indeed, appropriate at the present time. Sometimes, we recommend that landowners postpone the harvest for a few more years to allow the trees to fully mature. That cautious approach helps ensure that you will not sell trees too early and short-change yourself in the long run. If we decide that a harvest is warranted, we'll mark the trees on all sides so they're easy to see, and we'll mark them again at the stump as a security spot to let the owner know that the trees that were harvested were the ones that were actually intended for the loggers' saws.

Finally, after the trees are marked and the sale trees are scaled to determine merchantable board foot volume, we prepare a bid package for submission to bonded timber buyers. Buyers are invited to submit sealed bids, with the opening generally conducted in Geode's own offices. The competitive bidding process helps guarantee that you receive the very best price for your timber. We will also prepare a Timber Sale contract which will be signed by you and the buyer. Then we'll make sure you receive payment for your timber and we'll conduct periodic inspections of the harvest process.

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