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Tree planting, forestry consulting, harvesting & sales...long term forestry management to safeguard your forests and financial investment.

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Long term forest managment to safeguard your forests as well as your financial investment.

Maintaining the aesthetics and productivity of forested lands requires a strong sense of commitment and specialized training. The professional foresters at Geode Forestry, Inc. can provide you with a fully integrated plan to help guarantee the long-term survival of your forests for the benefit of future generations. The Geode foresters will assemble a plan specifically for you and your land based on your unique circumstances and the goals you identify.

To be effective in both the short term and long term, your plan will include everything from new plantings and reforestation to regular maintenance programs, scheduled harvests and ongoing inspections. We will draw on our professional skills and experience to prepare a sensible plan that will help protect the natural beauty, vigor, and economic stability of your timber for years to come.


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